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Welcome to OptiPlex!


Join our network and spend your free time in our unique game servers. At the moment our network consists of 4 game servers (Survival, Minigames, Creative and Skyblocks), but we are always working on something new and more fun for you to enjoy.

Work on your skills, do jobs and fight with other players in our Survival server, but if that's not fun enough join our Minigames where we guarantee you will have a fun time playing in one of our many arenas. Feel like building something cool? No problem join our Creative server and let the sky be your only limit (oh well and the bounds of your plot and the bedrock, but honestly who cares). If you like something more challenging then look no further than our Skyblocks server. It's feature packed to the limit with interesting missions you can do to upgrade or boost your island.

Want to progress faster or be on a higher level than ordinary players, or maybe you just want to support us by donating? Our servers have an integrated VIP token shop system from which you can buy different perks.

If you are having a great time in our servers then please be sure to support us by voting, you will get rewards for it so its a win-win situation for both parties.

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