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By eLeCTr1C » 5 months ago
Rule # 1 : Any modifications which give you some kind of advantage over other players are FORBIDDEN. An exception is made for Optifine and similar modifications.

Rule # 2: Abuse of bugs (item duplication, 0-tick farms etc.) and any attempt to overload or crash the server is strictly FORBIDDEN. Whenever you find a bug, you should report it to the staff immediately (you will receive rewards if the reported bug is of serious nature).

Rule # 3: Insults, swearing, threats, unnecessary disputes and any attempt to create tension are FORBIDDEN. Always keep a good tone in the server and maintain a friendly environment. Writing in CAPS is considered as shouting, and the staff is entitled to mute you if they feel you are creating tension. If someone has offended you, report it instead of insulting back the person.

Rule # 4: All racist, discriminatory, and pornographic content is FORBIDDEN .

Rule # 5: Spamming is FORBIDDEN, that is, writing the same things in a chat several times in a row or at a specified time interval.

Rule # 6: Advertising foreign servers and sites is strictly FORBIDDEN.

Rule # 7: Excessive use of languages ​​in common chat that are incomprehensible to most players and the staff is FORBIDDEN. Use personal messages for this purpose.

Rule # 8: The staff is NOT responsible for you being scammed in an exchange of items or money. A trade plugin is available for you to use in order to evade scammers - use it!

Rule # 9: The staff is NOT responsible for lost items, whether you die or (un)intentionally drop an item. Every player has the right to take an item off the ground.
Rule #10: It is FORBIDDEN to ask the staff to give you items, money, ranks, etc.

Rule #11: Grief is ALLOWED. Use the residence plugin to protect your buildings. However, deliberate destruction of the area around a residence and attempts to annoy the residence owner, whether through entry/exit blocking, or other creative means of creating problems, are FORBIDDEN.

Rule #12: It is FORBIDDEN to kill players by teleporting them to you by any means, without first notifying them of a PvP enabled environment, or directly telling the players that you will fight/kill/trap them prior to the teleport.

Rule #13: Multiple accounts per IP are FORBIDDEN. The new accounts will be permanently banned and removed, and the original account will be subject to further punishment. Exceptions are made for siblings.

Rule #14: It is FORBIDDEN to act as a member of the staff in an attempt to scam/gain something or simply forcing players to follow rules (reports exist for that purpose).
We reserve the right to change the rules at any time and copying them without providing a source is forbidden.