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By eLeCTr1C » 9 months ago

Events take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 GMT+3

Events usually include:

Deathrun - a deadly race in which the first 3 players to finish get rewards
(Drop)Event - chests full of loot are being destroyed and the players race to the most recently destroyed chest to pick up all the loot
Jump - the first 3 players to finish the arena get rewards
Leaves - last man standing gets the rewards
Maze - be the first to find a way out of the maze and win some rewards
Mine - players mine a random generated ore cube
Sand - players dig sand in order to find loot filled chests
Snake - a jump like event, but its always random generated, only 1 winner
Spleef - dig the snow from beneath the opponents' feet to become the last man standing and win some prizes
Quiz - a game of trivia usually consisting of 10 interesting questions